As an environmentally aware island, we are very proud of all those folks out there in the community and our guests who come and share with us all that Sanibel has been privileged to protect! But how does all this take place, who watches over our natural habitats?


As we’ve seen with our turtle advocacy and care, the SCCF or Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, is in charge of many preservation and conservation efforts on and around our island refuge. Managing over 1300 acres of land and an additional 500 acres on Pine Island makes for a lot of work and activity for this island icon. 


The Marine Laboratory watches over a 90 mile area of wetlands surrounding the islands as well.

The scientific staff have a network of in-water sensors that read water quality in real-time, the data gathered is then processed and used in research and awareness of any changes going on.  The weather station on the island provides up-to-the-second readings needed for weather forecasting as well.  


Although the Nature Center is currently closed for renovations you can enjoy all the trails for hiking and nature watching!  Enjoy old Florida from times past, unspoiled and protected. Click here to check out the various trail options.


Only a short hop away from Gulf Breeze Cottages you will be amazed at how much fun you can have and learn in one morning or afternoon!


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