On Sanibel, we are blessed to experience over 300 days of sunshine each year. Our wonderful positioning on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico plus an extraordinary amount of sunlight provides plentiful opportunities to soak up one of the most spectacular shows in the world… a Sanibel Island sunset.

Our front desk staff is constantly asked: “Where is the best place to watch the Sunset on Sanibel?”

Now, we may be biased but nothing is better than enjoying a spectacular show just steps from your very own private beach cottage. Grab some chairs, a cold drink, and hang out to watch day turn into night. Added bonus, because we are located on the south side of the island, we get awe-inspiring sunsets AND sunrises.

Ever heard of the “Green Flash?” Legend says if you don’t blink as the sun dips below the horizon for the last few seconds of the day, you will witness a green “spark” as the edge of the sun disappears into the sea. Keep your eyes wide open, the flash only lasts for a split second! Scientifically, the green flash occurs because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors.

Want a change of scenery? Sanibel Island is host to plenty of picture perfect locations to savor the last moments of every day.  Consider visiting Blind Pass Beach. This beach is the most westerly region of Sanibel Island where visitors and locals can view the sunset in its full glory. Take note, this area is quite busy during peak season. For a unique, roadside experience, head to Causeway Islands Park and enjoy the show in the sky, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Don’t forget, sunset is a great time to shell, or take that annual family photo!

What time does the sun set tonight? Check here.

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