Yoga on Sanibel

Yoga Sanibel Island

Breathe deep… and get ready for an extra escape.

Close your eyes, get comfortable, and take a deep breath. You’ve arrived in paradise and are ready to delve deep into the world of yoga on Sanibel. Whether you’re an expert yogi or an amateur, there are plenty of options on Sanibel that will compliment your stay on the island.  Get ready to start, or end your say as you stand tall like a palm, bend like a wave, and channel your inner crab (yes, there is something called a crab pose).

Get in the zone at Sanibel Yoga with Dr. Susan Pataky, the owner and founder of one of the hottest yoga spots on Sanibel! Located at 2173 Periwinkle Way, Dr. Pataky has been teaching the healthful benefits of yoga and meditation for over 40 years. As a long-time Sanibel Island resident, she has offered health and wisdom to both islanders and visitors alike for many years. She conducts sessions conveniently at the Sanibel Community House on Periwinkle Way. Contact Susan today to reserve your spot in her legendary class. She can be reached at 239-738-3856.

Experience the thrill of “Stillness to Movement” at Ambu Yoga. Hope in your car and venture up to Captiva (the drive is beautiful), to experience a class at Ambu Yoga. Join either an outdoor or indoor class and experience the beauty of the islands while connecting with nature and yoga disciplines. Sign up for class on their website and don’t forget to bring a few extra dollars to spend in their amazing eco-boutique. Hint: Ambu Yoga is located at South Seas Island Resort, at the plaza across the street from Starbucks.

Last, experience the best in wellness on Sanibel with Sanibel Pilates and Yoga. At Sanibel Pilates and Yoga, “Empowering Your Health and Wellness” is the goal and a wonderful group of teachers and artists are waiting to show you a beautiful experience in their studio. Relax and make new friends at 975 Rabbit Road.

If you’ve never tried yoga, we encourage you to take some time during your time on the island to explore everything the island has to offer.