Snook Season on Sanibel


Credit: Florida Sportsman

Great news anglers! One of our the most popular local fishing seasons, Snook season, has begun! Currently open until December 15, novice and professional anglers will enjoy reeling in   these wily and aggressive fish, after all, they are one of the most popular sport fish to battle on the water. If you snag a snook that measures between 28 and 32 inches, it’s yours to take home and enjoy.  Remember you have to have a saltwater fishing license and snook stamp.

You and your family no doubt come to Florida for the sunshine, beach and shells, but there’s a whole new world of experiences waiting for you as you take your northern angling hobby down to the sunny sanibel shores.  

First off, you walk directly out of your cottage with a fishing pole and bait in hand and you’ll be out in the surf, casting in no time! A expected, hours of fishing fun are guaranteed!  Farther afield, you can rent a boat and all the equipment needed for a day on the water either with a hired captain or taking the helm as captain yourself.  

There are any number of charter services on the island including Adventures in Paradise. With some of the best fishing in the world in the waters around Sanibel and Captiva, the fine folks at Adventures in Paradise will make your experience out on the water a memorable one. They take you where you catch them!  

Jensen’s Marina serves up your own boat where you are the captain. Our waters are easy to navigate and they give you all the tools to fish the waters where you want to try your luck.

What kind of fish can you hope to hook for a seriously delicious seafood dinner? You can expect to catch snook, redfish, trout and snapper. Occasionally we will catch pompano, ladyfish, spanish mackerel and shark. Snook are very common in our estuaries and although it’s heavily regulated, when in season, you will love the fight (and taste) of this fish.

Another local favorite is the Redfish, a local favorite that is also a blast to battle in the water and extremely flavorful when it’s on your plate. Roasted or grilled, you won’t be disappointed. Trout is always popular and on just about anyone’s menu! Gulf trout is flavorful and delicious. Served with garlic butter or crushed almond will make your vacation dinner table into a five star restaurant. Snapper would be counted as another area favorite and a great addition to your evening meal. Whether sauteed, roasted, baked or fried you’ll definitely be begging for more!

Either way you choose to serve up your catch you will have had an experience that will never be forgotten.