Shelling Excursions On Sanibel: Introducing ISLANDOLOGY

The team at Gulf Breeze Cottages has partnered with New Wave Eco Charters to offer an on-site ecological and historic course! Spend two-hours with instructor and local marine naturalist Stephen Plein.

All of our guests are welcome to join the two-hour complimentary tour that will begin just steps from your quaint beach cottage on our lawn facing the Gulf of Mexico. If you’d like to bring off-site guests along for the educational journey, non-guest passes are $15 per person.

During the two hour course, you will become acquainted with  a bounty of information relating to our local ecology. Everything from shells to wildlife will be covered and you’ll even get the chance to get up close and personal with a few specimens. Also, get acquainted with concepts that promote island sustainability, ecohistory and ecotourism.

Stephen, the owner of New Wave Ecocharters is proud to operate sustainably and in a way that does not disturb or harm our beautiful island.  

“As a charter company we feel that if we have the privilege and the right to use our local waters for enjoyment, for fun, and in our case to make a living from it, then we have an even greater responsibility to care for and nourish it.  The Hawaiians have a word for this: Kuleana.  Or simply put, a marriage between right and responsibility.  It is our responsibility as daily water-dwellers to act as stewards of the sea in order to help eliminate the mental disconnect that the hustle-and-bustle that the inevitable pace of life inflicts upon us.  It is our goal to help you unwind, unplug, and unearth the yearning for the natural world that you’ve been longing for”.

We highly recommend taking advantage of this experience and welcome you to get to acquainted with “Kuleana”.

New Wave also operates paid tours and charters including guided shelling excursions, sunset cruises, lunch trips and private kayak tours. 10% of every charter will be donated to their non-profit, New Wave Marine Foundation! Visit to learn more.

Please keep in mind, reservations are mandatory and space is limited.