Randy Wayne White: Sanibel Island’s Storyteller

Credit: www.randywaynewhite.com

Sanibel Island is a very quiet place little to no riff raff and truthfully a wonderful place to live, work and vacation.  One of “Sanibel’s Best” is quoted as saying that patrolling the island is “like patrolling a broom closet.” We are indeed lucky!  But what if it weren’t so?  We are lucky to have a New York Times Best Selling author, Randy Wayne White, living on our island to tell us what kind of place this would be if the forces of evil were at work here!  

What an interesting background Randy Wayne White has! He left home at 16, worked on farms, and as a foundry worker, a lineman, fishing guide and of course, author of the popular Doc Ford’s series.  For many years he was a fishing guide at Tarpon Bay Marina, he’s been stabbed and shot at, lived through a hotel bombing in Peru along with dog sledding in Alaska and covering the America’s Cup in Australia for Outdoor Magazine. His life led him into a career as exciting adventure and mystery writer.  One of his major characters with 23 books in the series is Doc Ford a fascinating look at an actual historical character of our island.  Currently,  he is on the 4th novel of the Hannah Smith series and shows no signs of stopping.  His books are snapped up by locals and visitors alike.

To give you a flavor of what you might expect in one of Randy’s novels we can crack open his latest in the Doc Ford series called Mangrove Lightning where the ghosts of a 1925 multiple murder are stalking Doc Ford. With a family curse that has attacked family members Doc is called in to solve the crimes that seem to be happening straight from the grave.  Is it a real specter haunting the family or is there a modern day accomplice bringing misery to the living?  Take a look yourself and see how this tale plays out!  

Randy is an island guy and enjoys the same things you can in windsurfing, baseball and of course you too can hang out in one of the island’s most popular eateries, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille!  As you enjoy your island-time rum cocktail (try their world-famous Mojito) you may just see the man himself wander in!