National Seashell Day On Sanibel

Credit: Beaches of Fort Myers Sanibel

June 21, 2017

For the second year in a row, Sanibel Island will play host to National Sea Shell Day on June 21, 2017. Join us and the entire island community in celebrating this national holiday with true Sanibel spirit. Celebrate the special day, also the first day of summer, with our island residents, business owners and even national television program Good Morning America as we send island vibes and display our Sanibel pride to the entire world. Celebrations will be taking place all over the island, from the sand to the National Shell Museum.

You’re sure to spot the shell love bug, a VW beetle covered in thousands of locally-found shells, as she cruises around our island paradise.

National Seashell Day offers visitors access to special travel deals, seashell attractions and activities. Keep an eye out during this time of the year for shelling cruises, guided shelling tours, shell bags, and more!. There will be lots of fun for everyone, and plenty of opportunities to practice your best “Sanibel Stoop.”

“Our beautiful shells have long attracted writers, artists and innovators to our beaches for creative inspiration and a connection to nature. National Seashell Day is a celebration of the gifts from the sea that make our area so special.”

One may argue that every day is seashell day on Sanibel. If you can’t make it next month, as one of the world’s most popular shelling destinations, hundreds of thousands of stunning natural shells wash up on the shores directly in front of our property every day giving you the opportunity to celebrate all year-round. Cruise our shores both day and night for shells like the lions paw, alphabet cone and the ever elusive Junonia.  

Some of our best tips for shelling on National Seashell Day, and every other day of the year, include:

–       Shell at various times of the day. If you can get out on the sand before it’s been combed by other visitors such as early morning or late at night, you’ll get first pick!

–       Wait until after a rainstorm. Storms will churn up the gulf and she usually deposits a hefty load of fresh shells after the rain and wind clear.

–       Don’t forget to bring a shelling bag. Sometimes, you’ll discover more shells than you can hold—bring a bag to make sure you can bring them all home!

–       Leave live shells alone. It is against the law to remove live shells.

–       Please leave our environment as you found it. Remember, leave only footprints.

For more information about National Seashell Day and all of the fabulous activites happening on June 21, please visit