Dodging the bullet

That’s the conventional way to comment when impending disaster threatens, but in the case of Isaac, it was more like dodging the shotgun pattern. As the storm turned into the Gulf and skittered past Sanibel, it was so wide that the island got a lot of rain but fairly modest winds – THANK GOODNESS!!

We hunkered down, in the way Gulf Coasters are all too familiar with, and watched through shuttered windows. It wasn’t until it was over that we realized how non-threatening Isaac actually was for us. Then our thoughts went to folks in New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama and the Panhandle and we prayed nature would be merciful.

Today on Sanibel we have blue skies and fair weather again. This would be a good day to book your reservations Gulf Breeze Cottages for this fall. Come to Sanibel and we’ll all have a good time.

New Waterfront View 2 Bedroom

We finally decided to do something about only having three beachfront units… so we had friend of ours come over and paint a mural of the sea! Number 8 has a view of the ocean complete with many of our winged friends! Adam Stephens will be painting at least one more mural on property, this one will be a sea-scape; can’t wait to see how it turns out!